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this is an open forum for philosophical discussion of any kind. the idea is simply to create ideas. to make each other think, feel, and most importantly speak our minds. so, go ahead, ask a question, put up a quote or thought, anything that gets your gears going will most likely do the same for someone else. and, in turn, the best part...everyone respond, with whatever opinion or comment you may have. the more points of view, the better the discussion...that, of course, is the goal. that and to enjoy ourselves, revealing in the glory our own and everyone else's thoughts. (please do keep in mind that most everyone differs in their ways of thinking, so please be kind to others opinions and feelings. remind yourself of the golden rule and all that jazz.)

*note- the name SocratesCafe is taken from the book 'Socrates Cafe- A Fresh Taste of Philosophy' by: Christopher Phillips, a wonderful book that I highly recommend (especially for overly analytical types, like myself).