gnodal (gnodal) wrote in socratescafe,

Fundamentals; syllogism and suchlike

* Syllogism, at
* The introduction to "How Ideas Work" - Why should men take their minds seriously? (an interesting book ... see excerpts)
"The practice of subverting the actual operation of theory in science is merely symptomatic of a much more widespread practice—the subversion of the operation of principles in general. When you hear someone exhorting “just be practical”—or any of the thousand and one variations on this popular expression—you can be sure this assault on principles is underway."

* Reasonable - "Reasonable is the award-winning, revolutionary new software for reasoning." (Related: Inspiration - "Inspiration strengthens critical thinking, comprehension, and writing across the curriculum, in language arts, science, social studies and anytime [there is the] need to structure research or other thought processes.")
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