Faith, Hope and Tax Deductible (hangedwoman) wrote in socratescafe,
Faith, Hope and Tax Deductible

Hello out there ...

Well, I just went to my first meeting of our local Socrates Cafe (see my journal for more if you're interested), and I liked it so much, I had to see if there was a community on LJ ... because I've broken down and admitted that I am helplessly addicted to LJ these days.

Here's a potential subject for debate (thanks to technomom): this article gives a pretty good argument for the idea that public schools in the US were designed to produce only barely educated kids, and even if our ideals have changed, the school system hasn't.

My favorite part is when the Senate Committee on Education issues a report in 1888 that says, among other things, "We believe that education is one of the principal causes of discontent of late years manifesting itself among the laboring classes."

So, opinions, comments, etc. Can our currently designed school system work any better than it was originally designed to? Is it possible (and I'm not suggesting some great Illuminati-type conspiracy here), that in many places, this is actually still the real goal? Considering that the rising cost of college is putting it more and more out of reach of the average person, it's an interesting line of thought.

I hope people are still interested in participating here.
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