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I saw Bela Fleck in concert last night. He's a banjo player who I believe is well known for doing bluegrass. I had never heard of him before Tuesday. He wasn't playing bluegrass last night. It was more classical. A lot of classical.

Now I like classical music...

As in I like to work to classical music, I like to read to classical music, I like to do other things while listening to classical music.

Now there's no denying Bela's talent. His music is beautiful. But I just can't listen to slow paced classical as an activity in itself. I actually think that many in the audience were expecting a bit more bluegrass and a bit less classical.

Anyways...what sparks this journal entry (turned post...) is what happened at the end of the show...

He got a standing ovation.

Now he's talented and a good performer and I had a good time...but I can't remember the last time I went to a show where there wasn't a standing ovation.

I seem to think there was a time when standing ovations were reserved for the truly great performances. A standing ovation was something to write home about.

Not so now. Now it's a ritual. The performer does his "last act" and leaves the stage as you *stand* to clap. You don't move to leave because the lights haven't come on and that tells you that you're not supposed to leave yet. The performer still has to come out and do an encore (that formerly optional portion of the show that was once an honor for a performer)...at least once...it depends on whether or not the lights come on.

So now that standing ovations are standard...how do you show distinguished honor for the great performances?
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