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Since this community consists of intelligent beings, I'll bring this subject to light..

The Wall Between Church and State

Though it should be there, it's almost always just a tarp someone threw over a clothesline that can be removed at a moment's notice.

I go to a public high school in Tennessee, a state in the heart of the Bible Belt where pre-football game prayer is still experienced. I sit in my Honors Biology II class and watch my teacher, supposedly a smart man, tell the class that Evolution was totally in agreement with Creationism as he skipped over the only two chapters in the book that dealt with Evolution (and provided evidence for it). Often I'll hear my English teacher use Biblical examples in his discussions as proof of different events.

Yet no one teaches of Darwin or Socrates or Spinoza because their ideas are too unorthodox here. Everyone assumes that those that do not share their beliefs are either not in advanced classes, do not mind the wasted time on Bible stories, or are in need of some "good religion."

Clubs such as Younglife, YouthAlive, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes are allowed to advertise and meet in the school building during school hours-- meetings are even announced over the intercom.

My queries are: Do you know of anything like this happening near you? Do you believe in religion or not? In either case, do you believe that evolution or creationism should be taught in schools? Or should they both be totally excluded from the academics (in your opinion)? Lastly, do you see Atheists as immoral and/or with a negative connotation, and why?
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