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I was told about the idea of Socrates Cafe by my girlfriend and I just happened to stumble upon this community, so I'll pose a question:

How involved should an indiviual be in the running of their own nation, and world? According to the Taoist principle of wu wei, one should simply simply "go with the flow", to use the cliche. Obviously many in the west do not subscribe to this belief. But our government and mainstream media look down upon activism, although it is the foundation of the democracy they claim to be a part of. Most Americans seem to be content only with votes that they believe will count. But I'm getting on a tangent.

What I think: If we are members of a supposed democracy, we should act like it. If this is a government for and by us, we should be more involved in it. Too many people are disenfranchized and ignore politics and current events. Of course someone would have the right not to be involved, but like the adage goes, if they don't participate, they can't complain.

What do you guys think?
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